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In August 2018, we received an email from Google (you can read the full email below) where the company announced an upcoming change of the Google Tasks service that will affect the functionality of GTask for Desktop in the future.

Google decided to drop the support of multiple levels of sub tasks by the end of August 2019. As consequence it will not be possible to store multiple levels of sub tasks on the Google server anymore. Since GTask for Desktop synchronizes your tasks with Google we are forced to introduce the same limitation to GTask for Desktop as well. At the time writing this it is not yet clear how and when this change will be introduced into the application.

Multiple levels of sub tasks is a unique feature of Google Tasks and we got the feeling that many users using Google Tasks because of this functionality. If you like multiple levels of sub tasks as well then you can support the feature report in the public issue tracker that adresses that topic. Therefore: click on this [link] and vote for the topic by clicking on the little star in front of the headline. (You must be logged in with your Google account to see the star)

In addition to that you can send your complain to Google. The best way we know doing this is:

So far, it is still possible to use multiple level of sub tasks in GTask for Desktop since Google has not rolled out the anounced change so far. Unfortunately, we do not know if it will stay like this.


The GTask for Desktop Team

Original Email from Google


With the recent update to Google Tasks, we limited the number of nested tasks a user could create to one level i.e. a sub-task. Sub-tasks are supported, but any nested tasks beyond these (e.g. sub-sub-tasks and so on) are no longer available in the product.

Starting August 30, 2019, we will introduce the same structure in the Tasks API. This means that, as of that date, tasks that are nested beyond more than one level will no longer be supported. For example, if a user has double nested tasks (sub-sub tasks), the revised method of the Tasks API will convert it to a sub-task and return it as such. Please check and update your applications accordingly if they include multiple levels of subtasks.


The Google Developers Team